Tetiana, ID 19222

Treffpunkt Andere Länder
Geb. Datum 08.08.1963
Größe 163 cm
Gewicht 60 kg
Haarfarbe weiß
Augenfarbe grün
Familienstand verwitwet
Kinder 1982M
Kinderwunsch nein
Rauchen nein
Schulbildung Hochschule
Berufsausbildung Teacher
Ausgeübter Beruf Babysitter
Sprachen Englisch durchschnittlich
Französisch durchschnittlich

Über mich

I am a woman who possesses a timeless beauty that makes me look much younger than my actual age. My slim figure and elegance are complemented by my intelligence, education, and erudition. I have a high IQ, and my intellectual curiosity always drives me to learn more. In addition to my good looks and smarts, I am kind, attentive, honest, decent, and neat. I always strive to treat others with the same respect and consideration that I expect from them. I am not loud or annoying and have a sufficient level of self-esteem that keeps me balanced and stress-resistant. I believe that forgiveness is an essential virtue, but I cannot forgive betrayal since it is the most significant evil in the world.

Über Dich

Regarding the qualities I look for in a man, I value faithfulness and honesty in words and actions. It is important to me that a man has good business sense and can earn money. I also appreciate a man who can remain calm and endure problems with grace and courage. Respect for women and a good sense of humor are also important. Intelligence, education, and curiosity are attractive qualities. I am interested in someone who desires a committed relationship and can work towards building a lasting partnership. I prefer a man who is active and enjoys playing sports. Lastly, I appreciate a man with an adventurous spirit who enjoys traveling and an active, fulfilling life.